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XK-020 Door Gym


This Doorway Fitness Tower offering multiple adjustable angles to suit your level of fitness, it is the only doorway gym with a full dip, abs, pull up & push-up station designed to workout the entire body. It has back support to protect the lower back, so that one can workout the abdominals on Parallel Bar with full control of the body, avoiding swing back and forward during abdominal exercises. It is lightweight and small, when it comes time to take it down, it becomes smaller and easily fits in a closet or under the bed until you're ready to use it again.  



It is designed to workout almost the entire body:

* Pull-Up (back, shoulders, biceps, abs)

* Horizontal Pull-Up (back, shoulders, biceps, abs)

* Push-Up (chest, shoulders, triceps, abs)

* Dip (chest, triceps, abs)

* Core (abs, obliques, lower back)

* Lower Body: Squats and Lunges (legs)

* Stretching (legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms)



Model Number



Doorway Fitness Tower


Steel, NBR, Plastic

Powder Spraying


Fitness Goal

Strength Training

Door Size

Width not exceed 92cm; Depth not exceed 16cm


11.9 KGS / pc


1pc/ carton

Carton Size



12.8 KGS / pc


860 pcs



Detailed Pictures



1. Who are we?

We are a manufacturer SINCE 2005.( 16 Years)

2.How is your product quality?

We strictly control the quality of our products, and we conduct full inspections before packaging, while other factories only do random inspections.

3.Do you provide OEM Service?
Yes. We are a professional MANUFACTURER in this industry. We are providing full solution for OEM clients.

4. Can you make the printing artworks(such as user manual/packing/ label) in our language?
Yes we can.

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