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XK-022SR Kids Bar With Rings & Basketball


XK-022BSR 4.jpg

The rack is sized 145*98*(90-130)cm. Rack with basket ball sized 145*129*(121.5-144)cm.

Four heights adjustable for kids aged from toddler to primary school.

XK-022BSR 21.jpg

The triangular structure and special fixing rotary knob make the whole rack stable.

XK-022BSR 12.jpg

The rack can be easily folded into small size to be storaged into narrow area or lean against the wall.

XK-022BSR 9.jpg

Every detail is designed with love to protect kids: non-slip foot, easy-assemble assessories, smooth & easy-to-turn rotary knob and etc.

XK-022BSR 15.jpg

XK-022BSR 16.jpg

Or, without all accessories, the rack single can be a gymnastics bar.

XK-022BSR 3.jpg